Wärtsilä to Design RV for India

. Thursday, December 31, 2009
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A ship power system integrator and solution provider, Wärtsilä, had signed a contract to design and supervise the construction of an oceanographic research vessel for the marine wing of the Geological Survey of India (GSI). Wärtsilä will be involved in selecting the onboard scientific instruments, and in arranging training for GSI scientists to ensure that the vessel's capabilities are fully utilized, beside to design and supervising the construction process. Moreover, this is not the first time Wärtsilä is designing for India, according to Arne Stenersen, Managing Director Wärtsilä Ship Design in Norway, the new vessel is the third of its kind, Sagar Nidhi and Sindhu Sadhana.

This vessel would be supported by good facilities for handling equipment, laboratories and workshops, ample space for living quarters and meetings, the correct positioning of transducers and good levels of comfort. The most shock out, it also supported by a high-speed LAN and internet connections will link the vessel's control rooms, laboratories and accommodation to the outside world. The vessel designers have to reproduce the working conditions enjoyed by scientists ashore. Moreover, this research vessel is supporting by a new set of rules that apply to the design, and focus on how the scientific tools perform and on the vessel's ability to adapt to what she will be expected to explore in the future.

She, research vessel, has to be capable of carrying out complicated operations such as handling ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), supporting manned underwater submersibles and controlling autonomous drills that can drill up to 150 m below the seabed at depths of 1,000m - not to mention the collection of seismic data and simple operations such as water and soil sampling. The new vessel predicts will have accommodation for about 69 people. With an overall length of 95m, breadth of 1m, maximum draft of six meters and speed of 14 knots, it will have an endurance of 45 days. Completion of the project is scheduled for the first quarter of 2012.

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Help…! It’s Emergency!!

. Thursday, December 24, 2009
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Do not be scared when your ornamental fish is attacked by sick. Because, the fish hospital has available for the fish and for you who addicted to ornamental fish. This is a unique and exciting news, it is fair if you really love your ornamental fish other than just love to see their beautiful shapes and colors, the prices is also become your consideration.

Unfortunately, the hospital is only available in India, particularly in the areas of Chandannagore. So you do not have to worry about your favorite aquarium fish look listless like illness. Simply bring your fish to the hospital which manage by Patit Paban Halder, to diagnose, what is causing your fish sick.

There are about 32 aquariums will provided by Halder to place the sick fish during the treatment. The patients are handled by Halder and assisted by his wife and children. Like a sick patient, then to restore the fish was done by injecting the appropriate dose, of course, after he analyzes what make the patient suffered. Moreover, inpatient care is also available for his fish patients.

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Indonesia, the lost Atlantis

. Tuesday, December 22, 2009
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Atlantis, we had heard a lot of theories and stories about this city, who then lost to terrible disasters until now this high civilization remains as unsolved mystery. Until the end of 2005, Prof Arysio Santos published a sensational book: "The Lost Continents Atlantis Finally Found". expressly declares that the location of Atlantis who had been missing since approximately 11,600 years ago it was in Indonesia. He showed a comparison that shows Indonesia is the location of missing Atlantis compared to the locations of previous estimates.

In this book he compared on the basis of: irrigation system, existence of mammoth / elephant, continental size, tropical climate, and Pineapple Coconut Existence, Megalithic Construction, Property mines and other sciences used by Santos in search of this Atlantis site is used the science of geology, astronomy, paleontology, Archeology, Linguistics, Ethnology, and Comparative Mythology.

According to Santos, given the size of Plato's time 11,600 years BC, the exact same time with the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, which also caused flooding and a very great earthquake. This disaster caused the extinction of 70% of mammal species that lived at the time, including the possibility of also two species of humans: Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon.

If, Indonesia is a part of Atlantis, then, these findings indicate that Indonesia is a country that has a great civilization.

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Dolphin killings in Faroe Islands

. Monday, December 21, 2009
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Just think it deeply and imagine how cruel we are. Each Year dozens of Dolphins are killed in Faroe Islands, Denmark and this bloodbath is to proof young men reaching adulthood. What a shame we have done and what we proud of it?

Do not think those dolphins (in some mailing lists debated as whales, don’t care what they are!) have been endangered or not, just think that we are human who have humanity. Stop these cruel slaughters anywhere around the world, don’t let our grand child just see them by pictures.

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Coconut shell for future

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Australian Scientists, Julian Finn and Mark Norman, discovered the strange phenomenon in marine science by octopus. This discovery came from their observation visits at two different places in Indonesia, North Sulawesi and Bali between the periods 1998 to 2008. They found a strange activities octopus with coconut shell.

Octopus collected Coconut shell to turn it out to be a house. The scientists are documented octopus that was sorted collection of coconut shell-based ocean, and then empty the contents. Coconut shell was taken to a depth of 20 meters. Uniquely, octopuses are then set coconut shell and are formed them into a ball. Octopuses use it as a place to hide in the future.

According to Finn, shells taken by the octopus does not directly applicable, the coconut shell, is stored for future purposes, it means octopus can think for the future. They also believe that the past, octopus is a kind of shelled marine biota. This is the first discovery of invertebrate animals that can use the tool.

via: AP

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Mangrove for Green

. Thursday, December 17, 2009
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Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago country consisting of 17,508 islands with a coastline 81,000 km2, which is the second longest coastline in the world after Canada, this makes Indonesia has many big and small islands. Based on this, Indonesia has become one of the largest countries that has mangrove forest and has a wealth of biodiversity the most.

Extensive mangrove debt reached 3.2 million hectares, although these days the number plunged more than 50 percent because of land clearing by residents and large companies. On the other hand, is still a lack of awareness of government and residents of Indonesia in the utilization of mangrove forests for biodiversity and extreme climate change.

The facts is mangrove forests have extraordinary adaptation ability. its roots are always inundated by water can be tolerant to changing natural conditions, and even to the extreme ones, such as high salinity and salt. This makes it unique which no other in the world. therefore, Indonesia should note that the destruction of mangrove forests will have an impact on survival in the future.

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Indonesian Mobi Dick

. Wednesday, December 9, 2009
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Who is not familiar with the legendary novel titled Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Nearly all the world knows about the story of Captain Ahab who wants to get revenge on a whale that he called Moby Dick. Similar story also happened in Indonesia, precisely located in the village Lamalera, NTT. However, unlike the captain Ahab hunting for revenge, the villagers Lamalera are hunting whale as a tradition carried out by generations. Amazingly, they only use a wooden boat called Pledang, powerful paddle, and the screen is only made by woven leaves.

Residents of Lamalera called hunting season as Lefa season. Lefa season usually runs from May to October beginning with the mass Lefa. Lamalera village has long been known as a fishing village which residents hunt whales, such as blue whale species, sperm whale and other species. They catch whales is only using traditional spears. Whale meats are then divided according to customary rules, such as lance interpreters, and other boat owners.

Whales are a protected species internationally; however, the Lamalera villagers are not affected by the ban because they use traditional way to hunt. In 1970's, Lamalera’s fishermen can catch dozens whales between 40 and 60 in a year.

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Wakatobi Islands; Enigmatic Diving spot.

. Tuesday, December 1, 2009
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Wakatobi Marine National Park is a marine conservation area covering the Tukang Besi Island, Wakatobi National Marine Park is guaranteed as the most beautiful marine parks and the best coral reefs in the world. Tourists and visitors who want to spend some time in this area will be spoiled with the beauty of nature and culture of Wakatobi Islands.Advantages of this tourism asset, not only because of the overly of a very large rock along the water with the underwater topography of complex shapes such as slope, flat, drop-offs, and underwater cave with diversity of marine biota.

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Deep Sea Teems with Cross-eyed Sea Creatures

. Tuesday, November 24, 2009
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Interesting science news brought by Aolnews.com entitled “Thousand of Weird Sea Creatures Found” had made me so eager to share this news with you. These creatures live in a frigid black deep sea about 200 meters from surface, where never been penetrated by sunlight. Around 17.650 stunning species are now known to thrive in deep down sea, starting from worms, crabs, and weird jellyfishes.

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Real giant of the seas

. Saturday, November 7, 2009
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I wrote about whose the largest ship on the seas and it is only in Cruise ship class which is Freedom of the Seas with 339 meters long, 56 meters wide and 160.000 tons weight. But we do not see yet about other type of ship such as Supertanker, Container, LNG Carrier, or Aircraft carrier.

From all type of ships that sail on the seas, a supertanker ship named Knock Nevis is the largest ship ever built in the world. With 458.5 meters long and 260,941 GT weight, it was built in 1979 and now is used a floating storage and offloading unit (FSO). According to Wikipedia.org, FSO is a floating vessel used by the offshore oil and gas industry for the production and storage of hydrocarbons.

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The largest cruise ship on the sea

. Wednesday, November 4, 2009
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Over years ago we know that Titanic was the biggest cruise ship ever built, but also has the shortest age in the seas. And now after years beyond the Titanic era, we like a fool who do not concern anymore on the ship technology, because now the main transportation is not a ship anymore. We prefer use an air plane to go to.

However, the ship’s existence is never being replaced with the plane, especially for you who want to get some great vacations and cruises. Now, we have Freedom of the Seas as the giant of the seas. At 339 meters long, 56 meters wide and 160.000 tons weight, it’s the world’s largest cruise ship.

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New light ROV unveiled

. Tuesday, October 27, 2009
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A high quality and multipurpose class ROV (Remotely operated underwater vehicle) has been just launched named Ageotec PERSEO GT . This new type of ROV can operate in depth equivalent to 600 mts free fly and 1500 mts with TMS and more powerful than other Rovs of its category, in spite of its smaller dimensions, and its 90kilos weight, it enables easy deployment from small vessels and can mainly be employed for inspection and support operations, whenever a more powerful vehicle is required to carry out the tasks.

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Giant squid trapped

. Friday, October 23, 2009
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From kompas.com Researchers accidentally discovered a giant squid as long as 5.9 meters caught in their nets off the coast of Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico. The findings of rare animals in these locations showed a lot of things we do not know about the giant squid.

Squid were netted newly weighed 46.7 kg. He was captured July 30 in a net trawl at a depth of 450 meters below the water that pulled the ship researchers. However, animals died because they cannot adjust to changes in pressure at different water depths when brought to the surface.

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Going green today, talk less do more

. Monday, September 28, 2009
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Green has been a hot issue today and many campaigns to make it as our daily activities and called as green acts. But many people just talking and do not act to realize it. Just think have you ever done a green thing today? For example, have you re-use your paper in both sides to write about your journal today? Or, have you make a decision to plant a tree in your farm today? A tree everyday can safe this planet and safe your children in the future.

Many things can be done to safe this planet, for example if you have a company, you can make your company going green. I have seen the example that there are Top Five Going Green Companies that can be a model for your company to go green today. One an example to make your company going green is always use a recycled paper for your printer or copier at the office or use a paper at both sides. As known that paper today still made from pulp and from wood. Today’s forest existence is going distinct and I have some pictures to prove it. Many plantation companies in my town in Indonesia still cut the forest to take an advantage for their company.

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The 64th Indonesia Independent day

. Monday, August 17, 2009
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We would like to congrat Indonesia for the 64th Indonesia Independent day. We hope Indonesia would be much better in future. Hereby, we’d liked to congrat for Sail Bunaken 2009 which succeded broke the record of Guiness book out in diving, for about 2.861 divers had participated to this event.

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How to save this planet

. Thursday, August 13, 2009
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Today, we got a lot of problem related to a climate change, earth destruction, pollution, and many more, but we can only mourn to the effect of those destruction. Some people ignored the source of those destruction, that is human itself. Let’s back to few centuries before, when the industrial revolution had not been started.

Before the industrial revolution came up to the civilization, all human activity in life was harmony with nature. Man at the time was more appreciative with nature; they created tools by nature and planted seeds fit with the portion given by nature. When human had already known to trade, they were still adapting with nature, they create a market by wood and branches that were not in use. However, when the industry revolution entered the human civilization and the source is easy to prepare food and shelter, harmony with nature began to recede. Obvious example is the large scale exploitation of the sea without seeing the impact of the future that will be incurred.

It has been become a long polemic in Indonesia, almost every year, sea property of Indonesia are exploitation limitless. The damage caused by the exploitation extremely countless, one of the damages is coral reef. the coral reefs are beginning to broke and to die. As we known, coral reef is the most important sea’s assets that must be maintained, without coral reef, sea existence will gradually disappear. The big impact of the exploitation is severe damage to the earth.

So the question is how to save our planet? The answer is by the saving the sea existence. Why is this so? Because almost 99 percent of the world life depends to the sea, therefore by improving life of the sea, we can save this planet from destruction. ... Let’s start now!

picture is taken here

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1.500 divers in Bunaken

. Friday, July 24, 2009
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This is it! The largest International Marine event will hold on this August in North of Indonesia, Bunaken. Sail Bunaken 2009 is jointly organized by the Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affairs, Provincial Administration of North Sulawesi, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Navy Force of Indonesia, supported by the Directorate General of Immigration and other government institutions. This event will break Guinness Book of Records in diving. There about 1.500 divers have been registered to dive around the Bunaken Sea Park.

But hey…this International Marine event not only to break trough Guinness Records, you can have much more interesting events. There about 10 events that you can participate at, such as, Sailing pass, Fly pass, Indonesian Fleet Review, Yacht Rally, Bunaken Expo & Festival, International Big Game Fishing “Kassal Cup”, Diving Competition & Festival, International Seafood Festival, Bunaken Trans Equatouring Celebes 2009, and Beach Games & Fun Games.

In Sailing pass and Fly pass event, there are 39 warships have been registered as participates in Sail Bunaken event 2009 from 26 states, 4 tallships and 162 yachts. This International Marine event will be officially opened by President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in teluk Manado. Sulawesi Utara.

Be sure you won’t miss this opportunity to be part of world history, so registered yourself to the official site of Sail Bunaken as participant. Of course you will get the sensation of exotic view of Bunaken Sea Park.

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Indonesian development based on Maritime

. Tuesday, July 21, 2009
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Indonesia’s geographical condition that consists of many islands, the development should be based to maritime. it is because Indonesia is the largest archipelago country covering more than 17,000 islands, both uninhabited and has a name, and that are uninhabited and do not have a name. Indonesia has a lengthened coastline about 81,000 km, after Canada. Indonesia has about 92 outer islands scattered in 19 provinces. Some 67 islands of which directly borders with other countries and 12 of them vulnerable island claimed by other countries. However, the development of Indonesia’s maritime has not concept well and effective. This is because every single problem that relating to the maritime arise, seem it is a normal attitude to the government responds with a defensive and reactive, without any managing.

Indonesian marine problem will respond if related to the issue of territory. The government attitude reflects that determines policy and society have not forward vision of Indonesia as an archipelago and also development based “land base oriented”. Therefore, the paradigm of fishery development that emphasizes the increased production only must be shifted to the increase of fishermen and their family welfare sectors as agro-industry.

More information you can browse at kapanlagi.com

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Indonesian weather forecast

. Saturday, July 18, 2009
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For you who want to sail in the seas of Indonesia should be watchful. According to Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia, there will be a bad weather in some Indonesian seas can potentially happen at Natuna Sea, The Karimata, The Bangka Belitung, The Jambi, The Riau, The Aceh, The Nias, Indian Ocean in the West Nias to West Mentawai, The Lampung, Selat Sunda, The Java, Java Sea and Indian Ocean of Central Java.

Waves at Indoenesian sea are estimated with a high 3.0 to 1.5. The satellite had imagery in the position of North Philippines there will be a Tropical storm called “Molave”. Generally, the wind over the Indonesian region blow from east to west direction, with wind speed ranging between 3 to 25 knots. This condition gives opportunities the growth of bad cloud and rain around Indonesian seas. For more information about this you can find them out at Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia site.

picture is taken here

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Coral Reef Management Fellowship Program

. Sunday, June 21, 2009
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Company: IMSG
Contact: Human Resources
URL: http://www.imsg.com

I.M. Systems Group, a contractor to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is pleased to announce the recruitment process has begun for the Coral Reef Management Fellowship Program. Applications will be accepted June 1, 2009 through July 31, 2009.

The Fellowship Program is a two year program beginning January 2010 and ending January 2012. Fellows are located in American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), Florida, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). The Coral Reef Management Fellowship Program is administered by NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP). NOAA’s CRCP supports effective management and sound science to preserve, sustain and restore valuable coral reef ecosystems. To learn more about NOAA’s CRCP, please visit http://coralreef.noaa.gov/fellowship.html.

To apply, please follow the application instructions outlined in the statement of work for each jurisdiction (www.imsg.com/careers.aspx).

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The endangered Pesut Mahakam

. Thursday, May 28, 2009
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Pesut is a Mahakam River dolphin with a sturdy body, fin spine & small triangular head and rounded / blunt with small eyes. A type of small dolphin, with a long adult 2.0 - 2.75 m, the baby pesut long is 1.0 m. Pesut not too active; sometimes jump low, litter between June-August, but female pesut bears in August. Pesut eat the kind of fish, they emit water from the nostril to catch fish & escort. Spread from northern of Australia to the Bay of Bengal, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, Pesut spreaded from Mahakam River (Kaltim), Teluk Kumai (Central Kalimantan), Bay Kendawangan (Kalbar), Segara Anakan (Cilacap) & some of the other estuaria.

Today, the existence of pesut in Mahakam River, East Kalimantan has started endangered because they are often trapped in fishing nets and hook exposed. But behind the threat of extinction, the current residents who lived in East Kalimantan along the Mahakam River flow has been to understand the importance of saving these mammals from extinction.

Pesut has become a barometer to know there will be a flood or not in the area. If no pesut in the area, the citizen will know that there will be a flood from the Mahakam river upstream. And this is the factor that can be used as a reason to still preserve the existence of Pesut in our midst.

The survey in 2007, based on the analysis of Petersen mark-recapture estimate is the number of a population of 87. When compared with the results of monitoring in 2005 (70 pesuts) has been an increasing number of population. However, based on the opinion of Dr. Danielle Kreb, Danielle Kreb, Advisory scholarly yk-constellation it is only caused by the using of better digital camera which effects to the better imaging quality of identifying the pesut fin on the river.

With all the reason above, it is not a possibility that we will just know Pesut from only a tale or a history in the future. Let’s start supporting the conservation to preserve Pesut Mahakam from now on.

Pictures: www.deplujunior.org

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Google Ocean for Marine Monitoring

. Friday, May 15, 2009
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In World Ocean Conference, Google Inc also sent the delegation to present the use of Google Earth for Marine and Ocean monitoring. Google Business Product Manager, Jennifer said that Google Earth has ability to make an imaging of the ocean condition by satellite like an ocean pollution monitoring, coral reef imaging, until doing a marine mapping. With all the function mentioned above, it is possible for the fishermen to map their fishing spot in order to ease the finding the fish in the ocean.

In appearance, the sea surface is described in the form of streaming illustrations to facilitate understanding of the visual. Jenifer added, the site is accessed by more than 100 million internet users each day, have also been developed to be more personal. That is, after downloading, users can also utilize the data storage and photo agenda. Google Ocean was supported by a number of countries, namely USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, and the European Union.

Hopefully, in the future our fishermen will be easier to find the best fishing spot to increase their catch. However, the infrastructure must be the next controversy because till today our fishermen still using the traditional way to catch the fish. So to get the good result must take a good way to.

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First World Ocean Conference

. Monday, May 11, 2009
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World Ocean Conference is a meeting forum of Head of States whose territories include marine areas and a part by global ocean communities. This conference is held from May 11 to May 15, 2009 in Manado Capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Some issues become a basic of this held like a decrease of marine and fishery resources quantitatively and qualitatively caused by over fishing, global warming, and sea pollution. Some geopolitics issues are based on ocean problem and the ocean also being a future paradigm of change.

The goal of World Ocean Conference is to carry out a meeting of head of states to discuss comprehensively sustainable management of marine, fishery, and ocean biodiversity. And some common issues in WOC are:
1. Ocean Governance and management
2. Ocean environment and sustainability
3. Ocean disaster and mitigation
4. Ocean as a next frontier
5. Coastal management
6. Marine protected areas, legal aspects, and shipping issues.

From those issues that will be discussed on this WOC, we as a part of global society must definitely support this conference in order to change our paradigm in ocean vision. Most of our fishing activities in nowadays still ignore the marine law in this country by doing the illegal way to fish.

As a conclusion, as a part of world society, this blog definitely support World Ocean Conference and hope for best result on that conference for our ocean in the future.

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Coral reef for green earth

. Tuesday, May 5, 2009
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As a climate change happened today, this earth is going to warmer day by day. More rainforest is cut down for a commercial issue in a legal either in illegal way. For example in Indonesia nowadays, the forest cutting reaches the percentage of 40 % with the rate between one million acres of Indonesia forest is cut down every day. In that condition, what will we give to our children tomorrow? A warmer earth or barren earth? That is only a matter of land, what about in deep sea?

Same problem with our rainforest as a lung of earth, our sea is in danger today. Most of fisherman from third countries still uses an illegal way to fishing. It is like a trawl, fish bombing, poison, or other ways that maybe still unknown today due to the crime is always smarter than the rule. We just talk abaout the fish catching and what about the coral reef? Coral reef is wellknown as the best CO2 absorber in this earth. So what will happen if our coral reef is broken because of the illegal way of fishing done by the fishermen?

Indonesia is also known as a maritime country where 70 percents is the sea and many coral reef spot spread in to all Indonesia islands like Derawan coral reef in East Kalimanatan as the most popular coral reef spot in the world. Not only Derawan because 40 percents from 70 percents Indonesia sea is coral reefs spot. That is why Indonesia is an important country that must save its coral reefs for a green earth in the future. Do you want a proof the damaged coral reef that happened today? And what we can do to save our civilization for tomorrow? Start now on for a better tomorrow.

(Damaged coral reefs map in Indonesia)

Pictures: Google image search (from any sources)

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Jolly Roger of Somali

. Thursday, April 16, 2009
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Many of ocean in the world is recognized as a dangerous ocean, such as pacific and Atlantic ocean where well known as the most rough wave ocean in the world. It has made some shipping line in the world think twice sailing on those two oceans. But try to think about east coast of Somali, a country in Africa which now very well known of their pirates. Can be meant as 21st century pirate, Somali pirate has proven their self as a most wanted pirate in the world. Who are behind this piracy, and who are their victims?

As known, piracy in Somali has been a threat to international shipping since the beginning of Somali civil wars in 1990’s. Why they have a dare to attack their entire victim? One of the reasons is a poverty occurred in Somali for years.

After Somalia’s collapse into civil war in 1991, some Somalis began to steal the odd small fishing boat. These days the pirates are a lot more sophisticated and better organized, with powerful speedboats, mother ships in the high seas, heavy weapons, satellite equipment, and negotiators abroad who handle ransoms. They target bigger ships at night, lighting up the sky with tracers, heavy-machinegun fire and rocket-propelled grenades. On the other hand, the civilians of Somali are the real victim actually because most of people depend on the food aid from other countries such as French, Danish, or Dutch that comes by the sea. However, most of that food aid could not reach Somali caused by the piracy in Somali Sea.

Personnel and Weaponry
As quoted from Wikipedia.org, most pirates are aged 20-35 years old and come from the region of Puntland, a northeastern region of Somalia and some also from Yemen. Nowadays, estimated there are five pirate gangs with 1000 armed men. BBC reported that the pirates are divided into three main categories:
1. Local fishermen as a brain of their organization due to their skill and knowledge of the sea.
2. Ex-militiamen who used to fight for the local clan warlords as their muscle and military division.
3. Technical experts who operate high-end devices such as GPS, satellite devices, and computerized of the ship.

Their weaponry from Yemen, but significant amount comes from Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital. Various photographs of pirates show that they are completely equipped by a predominantly weapon like AKM assault rifles, RPG-7 rocket launchers, TT-30 semi automatic pistols, and more. Where they can get those weapons? It talks about a link and network. I would not talk more about this, because it would be a sensitive talk about country of the world. We just can summarize that they are well organized pirate in the world.
With all their professionalism in piracy and their network, we can conclude that they are the pirates of 21st Century and can be named as Jolly Roger of Somali.

Source: www.wikipedia.org and other recourses.
Pictures: Google search

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. Wednesday, March 11, 2009
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Date: March 11, 2009

We are a well known and established heavy engineering company engaged in
fabrication and construction of Oil & Gas facilities; onshore and
offshore. We are looking for ambitious and hard working engineers
qualified in various disciplines from reputable universities to join
and participate in our existing work, expansion and growth.

The candidates we are looking for must be a graduate of good academic
standing from a recognized university with good communication and
leadership qualities. A good command of English is an obvious advantage.

candidates must be prepared to travel (including overseas) and be
stationed in Cilegon, Kalimantan or anywhere within the Nusantara or
abroad, such as Malaysia, India or Thailand.

The candidates we are looking for are expected to be for the following positions and disciplines:

▪ Project Managers
▪ Project Procurement Managers
▪ Instrument Engineers
▪ Electrical Engineers
▪ Maintenance Engineers
▪ Procurement Engineers
▪ QA Engineers
▪ Quality Control Engineers
▪ Site Construction Engineers
▪ Buyers
▪ Quantity Surveyors
▪ Contract Engineers
▪ Proposals Engineers

Please send educational certificates and passport photograph (non-returnable) , stating position applied for, not later than two (2) weeks from the date of this advertisement by post or email to:

HRD Manager,
JI. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 60
Jakarta 10210

hrd@gunanusa. co.id

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Terminal Operator Vacancy

. Wednesday, February 18, 2009
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Company: PT. PBM Jasa Trisari
We are growing National Company, with Stevedore ( Terminal Operator ) services as our business core. We are one of group of PT. Pelayaran Tempuran Emas, Tbk. and located at Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, with several branches in all over port in Indonesia.
Address : Jl. Tembang No. 51, TEMASLINE BUILDING, 2nd Floor, Tanjung Priok - North
Jakarta 14310
Telp. : (021) 4302388, Ext. 623
Now looking for right candidates for postitions below:

1. Instrument / Electro (INST)
2. Electrician (EC)
3. Mechanic (MC)
4. Manager Technical (M Tech)
5. HMC Operator

Work Locatiion : Jakarta Utara

Requirements :

1. Instrument / Electro (INST) & Electriciant (EC) :
• Male, min 27 years old, Min D3 holder from Electronic Techniciant and Engineering Techniciant with min GPA 2, 75. (INSTR & EC).
• Understanding single line diagram, PFD and P&ID and applied knowledge of PLC, MMI and DCS, basic knowledge of safety & environment, permit system, lifting, rigging, scaffolding, fire protection, lighting protection system and instrument device and system.
• Capable to design instrumentation & protection system for process equipment (INST)
• Min having 1 - 3 years experience ( preferable in a stevadoring or Shipping Company ) (INSTR & EC).
• Understanding about analog control system, PLC, DC drive & converter, diagram & Troubleshooting (EC).
• Familiar with Ms Office, Excell & Ms. Project (INST & EC).
• Able to work in shift time and available to be posted in Jakarta and our branch outside Jakarta ( will be an advantage ) (INSTR & EC).

2. Mechanic (MC)
• Male, min 22 years old, Min D3 holder from Mechanical Engineering with min GPA 2, 75.
• Min having 1 - 3 years experience ( preferable in a stevadoring or Shipping Company ).
• Understanding about Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydrolic & Engine, systematic principal of container crane ( QC, RMGC, HMC, Reachstacker ).
• Able to work in shift time and available to be posted in Jakarta and our branch.

3. Manager Technical ( M TECH )
• Male, age max. 40 years old, Bachelor degree in electrical or engineering.
• Having knowledge in pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, machine, heavy equipment, etc.
• Experienced in handling more than 25 subordinates with various field problem.
• Good in reporting, analysis, leadership skill, mature & energetic person.
• Able to work under pressure and able to work independently or in a team.

If you meet with our requirements, please send your
application letter, CV, phone number & latest photo to :
PT. PBM JASA TRISARI (PT. Pelayaran Tempuran Emas, Tbk.)
Jl. Tembang No 51 - Tanjung Priok Jakarta Utara 14310
or email to: rismawati_hutagalung@yahoo.com
or visit: http://www.temasline.com
Phone: 021 - 4302388, Ext. 623
Fax : 021 - 43800461
( Contact Person: Risma )

Dont forget to mention the source info of this vacancy info you got (http://allmarine.blogspot.com)
Closing Date : 28 Feb 2009

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Operation Supervisor (Code OS) Vacancy

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One of the leading Coal Porting company located in Mekar Putih, Kotabaru South East kalimantan, looking for a high motivated and experienced person for the position below:


* Male, 25-30 yrs old

* Educational background at least D III Pelayaran

* Must have min. 5 years experience in shipping or

* Good command in english min. passive

* Good command in computer literate min. Office

* Must be able to work in team

Please send your resume, latest CV, your degree, and your recent photograph 3x4 2 pcs to: (Dont forget to write the position code at top left ao your envelope)



Email : kuat@ibt.co.id

Dont forget to mention http://allmarine.blogspot.com on your resume

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. Saturday, January 31, 2009
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We are An expanding group of established company in integrated transportation business. We are seeking qualified and experienced individuals to fill the following position:


Responsibilities :

  • To monitor ship maintenance process with Plan Maintenance System
  • Give guide line to on board chief engineer to maintain the ship, as well as giving guidelines in an emergency situation
  • Ships visit to ensure that ship maintenance has been done correctly on time.
  • To monitor classification status stated on certificates classification bureau.
  • As a liason officer from company to deal with insurance company to handle claim and insurance value
  • Appraising performance from technical employees on the ship, especially ship engineers.

Requirements :

  • Male, maximum 28 years old
  • S1- Naval Architecture.
  • Min. 2 years experience in shipping lines / shipyard
  • Having a good analytical thinking and knowledge about Ship Maintenance
  • Hard worker & Energetic.

Interested candidates are invited to apply with detail resume and expected salary to :


Note : Please put the code of position as subject email

Career Level Middle

Qualification Degree

Yr(s) Exp 2 year(s)

Job Category Engineering - Marine, Engineering - Mechanical, Transportation / Shipping / Freight Forwarding - Shipping - Second Engineer

Job Location DKI Jakarta - Jakarta

Salary Not Specified / Negotiable

Job Type Full Time, Permanent

Refference: http://id.jobsdb.com

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Makassar Job fair karir.com

. Monday, January 19, 2009
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Makassar Career Fair 2009

Kunjungi Makassar Career Fair 2009, pameran bursa kerja terbesar di Makassar yang diikuti oleh berbagai perusahaan terkemuka dengan ribuan lowongan kerja di berbagai bidang bagi lulusan SLTA, D1, D3 sampai dengan S1. Acara ini diadakan oleh Nine Communication selaku penyelenggara dan penanggung-jawab kegiatan bekerja sama dengan karir.com.

Waktu & Tempat
Jumat-Sabtu, 30-31 Januari 2009
Pukul 09.00-17.00 WITA
Convention Hall
Graha Pena Fajar Lt.2
Jl. Urip Sumohardjo No.20

Perusahaan Peserta

  1. Advanced Career Indonesia
  2. Agro Harapan Lestari
  3. Atri Distribusindo
  4. Apotik K-24
  5. AXA Mandiri
  6. Bank BTPN
  7. Bernofarm
  8. Bina Talenta
  9. Dyandra Promosindo
  10. Garudafood
  11. Indovision
  12. karir.com
  13. Makassar Net Technologies
  14. Meratus Line
  15. Samator Gas
  16. Sinarmas Forestry
  17. Pelayaran Tempuran Emas, Tbk.
  18. Trakindo Utama

HTM: Rp.20.000,-

Kiat lolos wawancara kerja dan sukses melamar kerja

Persiapkanlah diri Anda sebaik mungkin, bawalah CV + surat lamaran dan bersiaplah untuk menghadapi wawancara langsung di lokasi!

Informasi & pendaftaran
Nine Communication: 0817 701302, 0815 9547876
karir.com (021) 5290 3980

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Marine Surveyor Vacancy in East Borneo

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Established in 1968, Carsurin is Indonesia's largest private marine
surveying company with worldwide representation. We offer services in
independent marine, general cargo, coal, liquid cargo (petroleum,
chemical and palm oil products) surveys, coal and mineral and
laboratory services, marine and non marine consultancy, ISPS services,
Legal Advisory and etc.

Please see http://www.carsurin .com for further information.

MARINE SURVEYOR Post Date: 13 Jan 09


* Male, Max 27 Years
* Willing to be relocated at Carsurin Site at Tanah Grogot – East

* Current domicile in East Kalimantan / South Kalimantan,
preferably in Balikpapan or Penajam
* S1 Naval Architect / Ship Building
* Min. 1 year working experience as Marine Surveyor
* Fluent in English Oral & Written
* Able to operate MS Office & MS Outlook

Please send Your Complete CV and Photograph to : jobs@carsurin. com

Career Level Middle
Qualification Degree
Yr(s) Exp 1 year(s)
Job Category Architectural Services, Engineering - Marine
Job Location Others - Others
Salary Negotiable
Job Type Full Time, Permanent

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