Jolly Roger of Somali

. Thursday, April 16, 2009
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Many of ocean in the world is recognized as a dangerous ocean, such as pacific and Atlantic ocean where well known as the most rough wave ocean in the world. It has made some shipping line in the world think twice sailing on those two oceans. But try to think about east coast of Somali, a country in Africa which now very well known of their pirates. Can be meant as 21st century pirate, Somali pirate has proven their self as a most wanted pirate in the world. Who are behind this piracy, and who are their victims?

As known, piracy in Somali has been a threat to international shipping since the beginning of Somali civil wars in 1990’s. Why they have a dare to attack their entire victim? One of the reasons is a poverty occurred in Somali for years.

After Somalia’s collapse into civil war in 1991, some Somalis began to steal the odd small fishing boat. These days the pirates are a lot more sophisticated and better organized, with powerful speedboats, mother ships in the high seas, heavy weapons, satellite equipment, and negotiators abroad who handle ransoms. They target bigger ships at night, lighting up the sky with tracers, heavy-machinegun fire and rocket-propelled grenades. On the other hand, the civilians of Somali are the real victim actually because most of people depend on the food aid from other countries such as French, Danish, or Dutch that comes by the sea. However, most of that food aid could not reach Somali caused by the piracy in Somali Sea.

Personnel and Weaponry
As quoted from, most pirates are aged 20-35 years old and come from the region of Puntland, a northeastern region of Somalia and some also from Yemen. Nowadays, estimated there are five pirate gangs with 1000 armed men. BBC reported that the pirates are divided into three main categories:
1. Local fishermen as a brain of their organization due to their skill and knowledge of the sea.
2. Ex-militiamen who used to fight for the local clan warlords as their muscle and military division.
3. Technical experts who operate high-end devices such as GPS, satellite devices, and computerized of the ship.

Their weaponry from Yemen, but significant amount comes from Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital. Various photographs of pirates show that they are completely equipped by a predominantly weapon like AKM assault rifles, RPG-7 rocket launchers, TT-30 semi automatic pistols, and more. Where they can get those weapons? It talks about a link and network. I would not talk more about this, because it would be a sensitive talk about country of the world. We just can summarize that they are well organized pirate in the world.
With all their professionalism in piracy and their network, we can conclude that they are the pirates of 21st Century and can be named as Jolly Roger of Somali.

Source: and other recourses.
Pictures: Google search

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Itik Bali said...

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marine said... what what jeng...

J O N K said...

huah, i cant speak english very well , huhuhu, i cant say anymore :D


jiahh judul mopienya detektip konan cuma ga pake somali

IjoPunkJUtee said...

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actorandstyle said...

iam pirates of the caribbean hahahahahahah

votre angle said...

are they modern One Piece? hehehe...i wonder if they were cruise ship "freedom of the sea" hijack, how much they can earn?

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