The endangered Pesut Mahakam

. Thursday, May 28, 2009
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Pesut is a Mahakam River dolphin with a sturdy body, fin spine & small triangular head and rounded / blunt with small eyes. A type of small dolphin, with a long adult 2.0 - 2.75 m, the baby pesut long is 1.0 m. Pesut not too active; sometimes jump low, litter between June-August, but female pesut bears in August. Pesut eat the kind of fish, they emit water from the nostril to catch fish & escort. Spread from northern of Australia to the Bay of Bengal, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, Pesut spreaded from Mahakam River (Kaltim), Teluk Kumai (Central Kalimantan), Bay Kendawangan (Kalbar), Segara Anakan (Cilacap) & some of the other estuaria.

Today, the existence of pesut in Mahakam River, East Kalimantan has started endangered because they are often trapped in fishing nets and hook exposed. But behind the threat of extinction, the current residents who lived in East Kalimantan along the Mahakam River flow has been to understand the importance of saving these mammals from extinction.

Pesut has become a barometer to know there will be a flood or not in the area. If no pesut in the area, the citizen will know that there will be a flood from the Mahakam river upstream. And this is the factor that can be used as a reason to still preserve the existence of Pesut in our midst.

The survey in 2007, based on the analysis of Petersen mark-recapture estimate is the number of a population of 87. When compared with the results of monitoring in 2005 (70 pesuts) has been an increasing number of population. However, based on the opinion of Dr. Danielle Kreb, Danielle Kreb, Advisory scholarly yk-constellation it is only caused by the using of better digital camera which effects to the better imaging quality of identifying the pesut fin on the river.

With all the reason above, it is not a possibility that we will just know Pesut from only a tale or a history in the future. Let’s start supporting the conservation to preserve Pesut Mahakam from now on.


10 komentar:

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

ini reviu ya?

Awal Sholeh said...

pesut di kaltim ya? saya jarang kesamarinda, coba ada dibalikpapan bisa main2 neh... sukses sob..

hendra said...

duhhhh susahnya saya ngartiinnya.. maklum bhs inggris saya ancur tapi dapt juga dikit2
mantap sob infonya
monggo mampir, ntar di smbut tahu goreng...

Wildan Arief said...

ihhh.. lucu deh.. kayak putra duyung.. eh putri mksdnya.. hoho

cahNdableck said...

Pusing banget gue baca nya... maklum ngga bisa b. inggris

Anonymous said...

hehe.. pake bahasa asing.. inget bro, cintailah bahasa Indonesia!

Qumfullboy said...

huheueueue lucu yah ikannya (itu mamalia pa ikan??) salam kenal mas...

yanuar catur rastafara said...

aq nranslate dulu ya??

Anonymous said...


votre angle said...

poor pesut, not just because our greed to this nature, we lost pesut and let it become history only. let's preserve pesut !!

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