First World Ocean Conference

. Monday, May 11, 2009
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World Ocean Conference is a meeting forum of Head of States whose territories include marine areas and a part by global ocean communities. This conference is held from May 11 to May 15, 2009 in Manado Capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Some issues become a basic of this held like a decrease of marine and fishery resources quantitatively and qualitatively caused by over fishing, global warming, and sea pollution. Some geopolitics issues are based on ocean problem and the ocean also being a future paradigm of change.

The goal of World Ocean Conference is to carry out a meeting of head of states to discuss comprehensively sustainable management of marine, fishery, and ocean biodiversity. And some common issues in WOC are:
1. Ocean Governance and management
2. Ocean environment and sustainability
3. Ocean disaster and mitigation
4. Ocean as a next frontier
5. Coastal management
6. Marine protected areas, legal aspects, and shipping issues.

From those issues that will be discussed on this WOC, we as a part of global society must definitely support this conference in order to change our paradigm in ocean vision. Most of our fishing activities in nowadays still ignore the marine law in this country by doing the illegal way to fish.

As a conclusion, as a part of world society, this blog definitely support World Ocean Conference and hope for best result on that conference for our ocean in the future.

3 komentar:

Dinoe said...

nice content...

faizz said...

mudah2an habis confrensi ini laut kita gak banyak dijarahdan dirusak lagi yah, bukan cuma sm orang asing tapi orang negeri sendiri yang tidak bertanggung jawab. alesan karena isi perut dah gak mutu lagi, carilah alesan yang lebih kreatif dikit kalau mau ngerusak isi laut,

votre angle said...

i go with faizz, by this conference i hope there are real actions in making earth people to understand that our sea and its content needs to be help imediatly

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