Google Ocean for Marine Monitoring

. Friday, May 15, 2009
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In World Ocean Conference, Google Inc also sent the delegation to present the use of Google Earth for Marine and Ocean monitoring. Google Business Product Manager, Jennifer said that Google Earth has ability to make an imaging of the ocean condition by satellite like an ocean pollution monitoring, coral reef imaging, until doing a marine mapping. With all the function mentioned above, it is possible for the fishermen to map their fishing spot in order to ease the finding the fish in the ocean.

In appearance, the sea surface is described in the form of streaming illustrations to facilitate understanding of the visual. Jenifer added, the site is accessed by more than 100 million internet users each day, have also been developed to be more personal. That is, after downloading, users can also utilize the data storage and photo agenda. Google Ocean was supported by a number of countries, namely USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, and the European Union.

Hopefully, in the future our fishermen will be easier to find the best fishing spot to increase their catch. However, the infrastructure must be the next controversy because till today our fishermen still using the traditional way to catch the fish. So to get the good result must take a good way to.

4 komentar:

J O N K said...

oh ini blognya mr zoe ? huehehehehe

marine said...

weks... nope this is a cats blog...

ammadis said...

But for reach that...Indonesian fisherman need more smart....?


votre angle said...

modern way and traditional way, which one is gonna last? modern way make us easy to find fish wihout see the stars, but traditional way teaches us to live with nature harmoniously. however, human needs food supplies more..hmmmm

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