Indonesian development based on Maritime

. Tuesday, July 21, 2009
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Indonesia’s geographical condition that consists of many islands, the development should be based to maritime. it is because Indonesia is the largest archipelago country covering more than 17,000 islands, both uninhabited and has a name, and that are uninhabited and do not have a name. Indonesia has a lengthened coastline about 81,000 km, after Canada. Indonesia has about 92 outer islands scattered in 19 provinces. Some 67 islands of which directly borders with other countries and 12 of them vulnerable island claimed by other countries. However, the development of Indonesia’s maritime has not concept well and effective. This is because every single problem that relating to the maritime arise, seem it is a normal attitude to the government responds with a defensive and reactive, without any managing.

Indonesian marine problem will respond if related to the issue of territory. The government attitude reflects that determines policy and society have not forward vision of Indonesia as an archipelago and also development based “land base oriented”. Therefore, the paradigm of fishery development that emphasizes the increased production only must be shifted to the increase of fishermen and their family welfare sectors as agro-industry.

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3 komentar:

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

birunya mantap nih. kereeen....kok blog ini sepi ya?

faLdy said...

birunya indonesia paling top bang..

votre angle said...

Indonesia has best sea in the world, so we have to make our country strong by making developmnet based on sea, btw, who go with me?

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