The 64th Indonesia Independent day

. Monday, August 17, 2009
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We would like to congrat Indonesia for the 64th Indonesia Independent day. We hope Indonesia would be much better in future. Hereby, we’d liked to congrat for Sail Bunaken 2009 which succeded broke the record of Guiness book out in diving, for about 2.861 divers had participated to this event.

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How to save this planet

. Thursday, August 13, 2009
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Today, we got a lot of problem related to a climate change, earth destruction, pollution, and many more, but we can only mourn to the effect of those destruction. Some people ignored the source of those destruction, that is human itself. Let’s back to few centuries before, when the industrial revolution had not been started.

Before the industrial revolution came up to the civilization, all human activity in life was harmony with nature. Man at the time was more appreciative with nature; they created tools by nature and planted seeds fit with the portion given by nature. When human had already known to trade, they were still adapting with nature, they create a market by wood and branches that were not in use. However, when the industry revolution entered the human civilization and the source is easy to prepare food and shelter, harmony with nature began to recede. Obvious example is the large scale exploitation of the sea without seeing the impact of the future that will be incurred.

It has been become a long polemic in Indonesia, almost every year, sea property of Indonesia are exploitation limitless. The damage caused by the exploitation extremely countless, one of the damages is coral reef. the coral reefs are beginning to broke and to die. As we known, coral reef is the most important sea’s assets that must be maintained, without coral reef, sea existence will gradually disappear. The big impact of the exploitation is severe damage to the earth.

So the question is how to save our planet? The answer is by the saving the sea existence. Why is this so? Because almost 99 percent of the world life depends to the sea, therefore by improving life of the sea, we can save this planet from destruction. ... Let’s start now!

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