The largest cruise ship on the sea

. Wednesday, November 4, 2009
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Over years ago we know that Titanic was the biggest cruise ship ever built, but also has the shortest age in the seas. And now after years beyond the Titanic era, we like a fool who do not concern anymore on the ship technology, because now the main transportation is not a ship anymore. We prefer use an air plane to go to.

However, the ship’s existence is never being replaced with the plane, especially for you who want to get some great vacations and cruises. Now, we have Freedom of the Seas as the giant of the seas. At 339 meters long, 56 meters wide and 160.000 tons weight, it’s the world’s largest cruise ship.

Guests here are served by the most luxurious things on the sea ever. This cruise ship is completed with a theatre, library, casino, karaoke stage, bars, restaurants and shops, the "Freedom" is a floating amusement centre. Moreover, sports enthusiasts can also find almost everything they could possibly want. They just have to decide between the ice and skating rinks, the climbing wall and the boxing ring, golf and basketball. Or they can relax in one of the many pools, which turn into an open-air club with a sculpture park after dark.

What about the rate to get those luxurious services? The jewel of the 1,800 plus passenger cabins is the "Royal Suite": at a price of 15,000 euros per night, VIP passengers can have their own balcony featuring a whirlpool and a grand piano. But the “Freedom” is not only about luxury. Interior cabins are available for as little as 730 euros per one-week cruise. Here are some snapshots of Freedom of the Seas.

Images copyright © Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD.

9 komentar:

Seti@wan Dirgant@Ra said...

kapan yah bisa naik kapal pesiar itu??
Mimpi kali yeh....

t.e.3.k.4 said...

rajin d apdet yah 2blog matrenya :P

Sharing Journal said...

Bang iwan... bisa bang, rencananya tuh kapal mau ke soppeng...

tika jelek... ini bukan matre >,< *dikit aja sih*

Anonymous said...

Joddie said...

wow,. ni kapal keren euy.. pernah mampir Indonesia gak yaH??

Cak Win said...

Kliatanya bagus :D
Tapi gak terbiasa naek kapal. Biasanya sepeda. :)

Neno Info said...

Wah mahal ya

votre angle said...

wow..real freedom!! such as especially made to pamper the people who have excess money. this might be called heaven on earth.

TheTravelAngel said...

This is the best vacation that I have EVER had! My husband and I cruised- for the first time. I could not have imagined anything better than this trip.

:-) Jane

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