Wakatobi Islands; Enigmatic Diving spot.

. Tuesday, December 1, 2009
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Wakatobi Marine National Park is a marine conservation area covering the Tukang Besi Island, Wakatobi National Marine Park is guaranteed as the most beautiful marine parks and the best coral reefs in the world. Tourists and visitors who want to spend some time in this area will be spoiled with the beauty of nature and culture of Wakatobi Islands.Advantages of this tourism asset, not only because of the overly of a very large rock along the water with the underwater topography of complex shapes such as slope, flat, drop-offs, and underwater cave with diversity of marine biota.

A foreign journalist named Jacques labeled Wakatobi as the finest diving site in the world.

Wakatobi islands has varying water depths, 1044 meters is the deepest to reach with sandy and rocky bottom waters, the area has significant potential, especially the existence of coral reefs and other marine biota of diverse aesthetic value and high conservation.

Particularly, Wakatobi archipelago Marine Park has a ± 25 some clusters with 750 coral reef species are surrounded by a total of 600 km2, and beach tourism potential object to be managed, spread throughout the Wakatobi. Based on this potential, makes this area very comfortable for diving tourism activities such as surfing and snorkeling, and fishing tours. Moreover, the diversity of archeological and historical legacy of social and cultural existence of a unique and distinctive in the middle of society constitutes cultural richness that has its own magnetism value.

Past cultural heritage and richness give the characteristics of cultural values that until now can be enjoyed and viewed in the pattern / Wakatobi society tradition. This Island is better known as the islands and coastal communities. Therefore, the society cultures refers to marine anthropological. This existing culture gives a unique phenomenon for the development of tourism based on cultural values. For this reasons make Wakatobi Islands as the enigmatic diving spot.

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Zanca said...

The first picture it's real ?! If it's that's very interesting. I like it so much. It could be a great wallpaper. Also I comment here to propose you a link exchange anytime with my blog. Good luck.

Joddie said...

weew... beautiful..

Anonymous said...

Please Visit to Indonesia...guys!!!
Indonesia is not only Bali...

katty said...

Diving is the most exciting activity You can feel the immensity of the ocean. It's like traveling to another world. unexplained.This blog is amazing and vey interesting.
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GED said...

The ocean never seizes to amaze me with it's discoveries.

Elliott Broidy said...

Beautiful! I wish I could dive there!

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