Help…! It’s Emergency!!

. Thursday, December 24, 2009
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Do not be scared when your ornamental fish is attacked by sick. Because, the fish hospital has available for the fish and for you who addicted to ornamental fish. This is a unique and exciting news, it is fair if you really love your ornamental fish other than just love to see their beautiful shapes and colors, the prices is also become your consideration.

Unfortunately, the hospital is only available in India, particularly in the areas of Chandannagore. So you do not have to worry about your favorite aquarium fish look listless like illness. Simply bring your fish to the hospital which manage by Patit Paban Halder, to diagnose, what is causing your fish sick.

There are about 32 aquariums will provided by Halder to place the sick fish during the treatment. The patients are handled by Halder and assisted by his wife and children. Like a sick patient, then to restore the fish was done by injecting the appropriate dose, of course, after he analyzes what make the patient suffered. Moreover, inpatient care is also available for his fish patients.

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attayaya said...

lho ada rumah sakit khusus ikan rupanya

ayo selamatkan ikan
ayo selamatkan lingkungan
go green

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