Indonesian Mobi Dick

. Wednesday, December 9, 2009
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Who is not familiar with the legendary novel titled Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Nearly all the world knows about the story of Captain Ahab who wants to get revenge on a whale that he called Moby Dick. Similar story also happened in Indonesia, precisely located in the village Lamalera, NTT. However, unlike the captain Ahab hunting for revenge, the villagers Lamalera are hunting whale as a tradition carried out by generations. Amazingly, they only use a wooden boat called Pledang, powerful paddle, and the screen is only made by woven leaves.

Residents of Lamalera called hunting season as Lefa season. Lefa season usually runs from May to October beginning with the mass Lefa. Lamalera village has long been known as a fishing village which residents hunt whales, such as blue whale species, sperm whale and other species. They catch whales is only using traditional spears. Whale meats are then divided according to customary rules, such as lance interpreters, and other boat owners.

Whales are a protected species internationally; however, the Lamalera villagers are not affected by the ban because they use traditional way to hunt. In 1970's, Lamalera’s fishermen can catch dozens whales between 40 and 60 in a year.

4 komentar:

FaiS said...

iKan'y besar yach...

harry seenthing said...

wuih gede buanget ikannya.....dan juga para nelayannya sungguh hebat sekali yah

Anonymous said...

this is the picture of my motherland..
saya dari Flores NTT masss
nice to read

Anonymous said...

vcs São uns Canibais ! Mais uma Natureza DEVE SABE quen e Morrer Merece Vivier e .....VAN AMERDA SEUS FILHOSDE UMA EGUA VIADO SVCS E SUAS FAMILIASSSSSSSSSSS

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