Mangrove for Green

. Thursday, December 17, 2009
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Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago country consisting of 17,508 islands with a coastline 81,000 km2, which is the second longest coastline in the world after Canada, this makes Indonesia has many big and small islands. Based on this, Indonesia has become one of the largest countries that has mangrove forest and has a wealth of biodiversity the most.

Extensive mangrove debt reached 3.2 million hectares, although these days the number plunged more than 50 percent because of land clearing by residents and large companies. On the other hand, is still a lack of awareness of government and residents of Indonesia in the utilization of mangrove forests for biodiversity and extreme climate change.

The facts is mangrove forests have extraordinary adaptation ability. its roots are always inundated by water can be tolerant to changing natural conditions, and even to the extreme ones, such as high salinity and salt. This makes it unique which no other in the world. therefore, Indonesia should note that the destruction of mangrove forests will have an impact on survival in the future.

via: anotherbali, fertobhades.

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FaiS said...

nice article..,

Joddie said...

hijau bumiku.. semoga..

Job Review said...

nice articles bout Mangrove, soalnya bisa juga buat nahan tsunami yah katanya

Anonymous said...

brooo nice posting... save our earth
salam kenal...
nice to read

mamah aline said...

nice article, btw buah mangrove bisa dibuat manisan juga kan...

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