Ethnically Sentani Lake

. Thursday, July 8, 2010
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The potential of natural and cultural riches of Papua has its own unique, second to none in this world. No need to wonder if every person on Earth Cendrwasih menginjakan this leg, would be admired and praised how the natural beauty of West Papua. Therefore, Lake Sentani made feasible in the center of tourism in Papua. Sentani funds deserve to be as a tourist center in the world, there is also monument Sentani Gen. Douglas Mc Arthur’s World War II relic. In the north monument Mc Arthur, at an altitude of 325 meters there are mountainous terrains with peaks of Mount Dofonsoro Cyclop. This area is very beautiful and this place is erst Mc Arthur's base defense.

Lake Sentani in Papua is located between latitude and 20:33 till 2041 till 1400 38 1400.23 BT. Are 70-90 m above sea level. Cyclops is located also between the mountains and Is a volcanic lake. Source water comes from 14 large and small rivers with a single estuary, Jaifuri Puay. Western region, long and Boroway doyo, the depth of the lake is very steep. While the eastern and central, sloping and shallow, and Simporo Puay. Here also there are forests and swamps in the area Simporo Yoka. In some notes mentioned, the basis of waters containing sandy mud substrate (humus). In the waters are shallow, overgrown plants pandanus and sago.

The extent of approximately 9360 hectares with an average depth of 24.5 meters. Around this lake there are 24 villages. Spread coast and small islands in the center of the lake. Lake Sentani is the largest lake in the province of Jaya Pura. This historic location offers incredible Scenery. There still exists some Herons and Eagles are going to grab a fish in Lake Sentani. There also provided a boat around the lake.

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Sentani Lake Festival

. Monday, June 28, 2010
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A number of districts in Jayapura, showing different types of dances typical of the area before the closure of Papua Sentani Lake Festival, Wednesday, at the beach location Kalkhote East Sentani district. Hundreds of dancers from various neighborhoods and districts of a display alternately Jayapura Papua typical local dance. About a thousand of visitors who packed the arena FDS which took place on 19 to 23 June 2010, in the village Kalkhote, very enthusiastic to see the appearance of a variety of dances performed Papua typical youth driving from various neighborhoods and districts of Jayapura.

One of the typical regional dances Papua attractive appearances which is sympathetic visitors FDS Nambro district with Tifa dance begins with the discovery of musical drama about Tifa. When approximately 25 dancers demonstrate the movements Tifa dance, some people perpetuate the dancers with camera phones and digital cameras to be used as a private collection.

By the closing ceremony on Wednesday afternoon FDS 2010 16:00 PM CDT most food and beverage vendors as well as exhibition booth was flooded with visitors began to buy various household goods and various accessories typical of Papua, such as bags, carvings, traditional houses as well as a variety of traditional jewelry.


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A Marine Alliance of Architecture & Design

. Friday, June 25, 2010
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The aim at the heart of the Le Boreal and L'Austral designs was the concept of a cruising yacht. The completed ships are custom-built at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Ancona, Italy. Le Boreal was delivered to Compagnie du Ponant in April 2010. As the fourth ship of their cruise fleet, she can accommodate 260 passengers in 132 cabins which all have sea views and nearly all of which have private balconies.

Stirling Design International (SDI) is a French firm of naval designers and architects specialized in the design of megayachts and commercial vessels. Le Boreal has just been awarded a Gold Medal by the European Cruiser Association. She is fulfilling the standard of elegance, personality, innovative equipment and the meticulous attention to detail in the design of the ship to fulfill the expectations of her passengers.

Le Boreal Main Particulars:

Length, o.a. 466.2 ft
Length, b.p. 414 ft
Beam 59 ft
Draught 15.4 ft
Passenger cabins 132
Total Passengers 264
Crew cabins 75
Total crew 139

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Futuristic Diving Helmet

. Sunday, May 23, 2010
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Information from Mobiitech said that recently has made a Diving Helmet to make divers easy to dive. Company that has made the concept of this future diving helmet is Yanko, it looks very futuristic both in terms of concept and materials to be used in manufacture. Still according to the same source said that the diving helmet made of glass and LED. A device called the HUD is mentioned will help divers in view of the GPS and find out the remaining air tanks performance. Silicon will be used as a seal between the diver's head 'and a helmet. Irrespective of whether this concept will work in the sea, but this could be a lesson for the development of helmet divers to make divers easier in research.

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Outstandingly Marsegu Island

. Tuesday, April 27, 2010
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Marsegu Island located in the western part of Seram Island (Nusa Ina / Pulau Ibu) is famous for its National Park Manusela. The island was given the name by the community as "Island Marsegu" because it has so many bat species. Marsegu word comes from the local language which means bat. Apart from bats can be found also protected animals such as birds Gosong Mega-phodius Reinwadrtii (Maleo) and Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) or a regional language called "canary crab." There are still many other bird species that make this island as a habitat for eating, playing and sleeping.

Not only the mainland only animals that can amaze us. Marine resources potential is also quite large. There are a variety of colorful coral reefs that can be witnessed its beauty. Similarly, various shades of coral fish marine life with its diverse forms and sizes. To the delight of seafood can be enjoyed much as you like on this island. Wanted to go fishing alone or can also buy from the community around this island that his livelihood comes from the sea. Its seas very diverse wildlife, we can choose a variety of preferred fish species and process them with their own desires. Can be baked, fried or in other ways.

In the northern part there is a white sand beach Ipomea pescaprae zone which is dominated by wind grass (Spinifex littoreus) and Katang-katang (Ipomea pescaprae). This location is an attractive tourist spot for enjoying the scenery of sea and shore breathe the fresh air. For those who want to camp or stay a few days on this island, there are 2 (two) as a source of fresh water wells are usually also used by local communities for drinking, bathing and washing. So we need not hesitate to visit the tourist sites of this very exotic.

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Raja Ampat, treasured diving experince

. Thursday, April 15, 2010
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Indonesia is not always about anarchist and disaster issued. Indonesia has known for its gold marine tourisms. Beside Bali, Wakatobi, Derawan, Komodo and Bunaken, Raja Ampat might be the other interesting spot for diving.Raja Ampat, Papua, has a stretch of gorgeous coral reefs compared to other marine tourism areas in Indonesia. Besides the Raja Ampat region also has a panoramic view and the diversity of ecosystems that quite a lot.

although marine tourism area of Raja Ampat not have adequate infrastructure, but Raja Ampat marine tourism is not less interesting because it has good potential. Unfortunately, the geographic location of the Raja Ampat classified as hard, this is due to limited transportation. However, if you want an interesting experience, I guarantee you will not be disappointed when you saw a directly the richness of Raja Ampat marine park which are classified still virgins.

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Miratech’s V-CAT Catalyst were accepted by PCT

. Friday, January 29, 2010
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A designer and manufacturer of emission control products, Miratech Corporation, has been told that the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application filed for V-CAT catalyst has been received. Acceptance of the PCT opened the door and simplify the process of filing an international patent next. Under the PCT, Miratech, by asking an international patent application in one language with one patent office, would streamline the process to seek protection for the design of V-CAT at up to 117 countries around the world. by Bill Clary, CEO Miratech, Miratech Corporation's remarkable success with V-CAT in the country, given its ability to provide service EMD diesel engines used to power locomotives, gensets, and ships are meant to meet and exceed EPA Tier-0, 1 , and 2 standards for emissions.

The Miratech V-CAT catalyst / exhaust manifold system addresses a number of technical challenges that have hampered previous efforts to control emissions, according to Jonathan Roberts, Sales Manager MIRATECH for Locomotive and Marine Markets. "When designing a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) for use in EMD-powered locomotives and commercial marine vehicles, engineers must deal with limited space behind the turbocharger; exhaust gas temps that are too low for effective performance of DOC and the risk that exceeds the low exhaust back pressure machine EMD need to operate efficiently. V-CAT's efficacy is proven in the 14-month field-test the service, after the unit is inspected and emissions tested at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The inspection found no mechanical problems and reduced emissions of 49% AM , 75% 82% HC and CO are based on EPA-line distance measured cycle.

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A new version of Ship Simulator Professional released by Maritime Simulator Developer VSTEP.

. Wednesday, January 27, 2010
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Allmarine is not always about ship, diving or marine tourism, today; we bring you latest information about maritime software which is perhaps thing that you wish for long time, Ship Simulator Professional. This new release includes updates to introduce functional forward and an important new component of the Instructor Station: the Practice Manager. This is the extended version of the Mission Editor, combined with the multiplayer server. Have the option to assign trainees to ship in practice, and managing training while one or more active participants. With practice managers, instructors can see all the trainees move, recording all ship movements, change the time & weather conditions, adding a new ship, add or remove a mooring line, all while exercise walking.

Advantages that you can get are you can record video from the Station Manager Training Instructor with the action on the Ship Simulator Professional site. Maritime Professionals can apply for a free evaluation copy of the website. It seems, Ship Simulator Professional such mandatory to try, especially for those of you who moved with similar field.

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Pigmy, mini sea horse

. Monday, January 25, 2010
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Unexpectedly found at depths of more than fifteen feet to fifty feet, behind rimbunnya sea fans, there are other life forms that had not been seen in visible. He is Pigmy Seahorse. Milimiter sizes, almost hard to distinguish from the surrounding environment because of the nature of camouflage. Color is almost like twigs twig sea fans. It is said that this creature discovered by accident, when a number of researchers were brought to the mainland sea fans, finding a creature behind the twigs branch. Pigmy sea horse (hippocampus bargibanti) is an attraction that always performed the dive guide. Scattered areas of Papua Nuigini, Indonesia, Philippines to northern Australia. Sea horse is said because it is shaped like a sea horse, and very small so-called pigmy.

Almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Generally, the photographer also fought furiously photographed. So need help other divers or dive guide, to identify or provide assistance flashlight. In addition, the condition of ocean currents that made difficult to pigmy photographed. Pigmy Seahorse and sea fans are a symbiotic unity. Coral is home to a rich dibutukan food pigmy sea horses. Various kinds of colors and shapes can be found throughout the waters of Indonesia.

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Sea water contains gold

. Sunday, January 24, 2010
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Sea water that had been more familiar with marine life and mystery, sea water turned out to contain almost all elements, including gold. A precious metal is often sought by people for its economic value is very high. Then raised a question about how much gold is contained in sea water. According to experts, the concentration of gold in sea water is 0.00005 ppm (parts per million). One ppm (parts per million) in this case is 1 milligram of dissolved solids in 1 liter of water. Means that if the concentration of gold in sea water is 0.00005 ppm, then in every 1 liter of sea water is 0.00005 mg of gold. Perhaps in passing, a lot of gold contained in sea water is very little, but now let us count how many gold contained in the 1 km3 (cubic kilometers) of seawater:

One kilometer equals 1,000,000,000,000 cubic liters or 1012 liters, so in one cubic kilometer of seawater are 50,000 grams of gold or 50 kilograms of gold!50 kilograms of gold is a very fantastic numbers, considering the current gold price is approximately Rp 300.000, - per gram of the 50 kilograms of gold is 15 billion rupiah. Imagine the amount of economic value of gold contained in sea water on this planet. You can imagine most of the people in this world will bustle gold. Are you interested? Let's bustling gold-crowded seas.

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Cable Consortium Sea between Telkom and Google

. Saturday, January 23, 2010
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By its second company PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (TII), PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) increase international bandwidth capacity by joining the Sea Cable Development Consortium South East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC). One of the consortium was joined Google SJC Bermuda, search engine company owned the world's largest. Network cable system that connects the Sea SJC Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and other Asian countries including Indonesia have the bandwidth capacity of 17 terra bytes per second (tbps) and can be increased up to 23 tbps. Cooperation agreement was agreed in Honolulu, United States. TII addition, some operators join the world in such SJC Reliance Globalcom (via FLAG Pacific Limited Bermuda), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Google SJC Bermuda Ltd., KDDI (Japan), Network i2i (India), Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. and Pacific Telemedia Inc ., Ltd.. (Hong Kong / Indonesia).

Telkom's participation in the Consortium SJC is a strategic step to strengthen international infrastructure networks that already exist. Estimated growth in international bandwidth capacity needs Telkom Group in late 2014 to reach at least 10 times today. SJC is scheduled to operate at one quarter of 2012 that would provide additional international bandwidth capacity of 960 Gbps TII with excellent quality, the faster connection and a reliable system of diversity.

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U.S Navy utilizes HPI Digital Control System

. Friday, January 22, 2010
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As the title above, this posting about news of the American navy who use HPI Digital Control system to strengthen their military power. As we know HPI is a supplier of turnkey turbine control and power generation solutions, announced the successful commissioning of digital propulsion, power and steering control systems aboard the USS former Foster's Self-Defense Test Ship (SDTS). HPI is designed to replace the existing analog system controls, creating an integrated system that enables remote control to operate un-manned SDTS at sea. Called Vector Remote Digital Interface Equipment (DRIVE), the system has been built using some of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and including computer workstations connected via redundant fiber optic network.

According to Hal Pontez, President and CEO of HPI, the DRIVE system will provide the U.S. Navy a more reliable control system for their testing and evaluation, high reliability control system will provide shore-based personnel with the ability to control the ship's speed, direction and machine weapons during the trial. This control system will enable to provide a realistic test the effectiveness SDTS martial sensors, weapons and fire control through the life-test operation. coupled system is designed to change Foster a gas turbine propulsion plant and steering systems from the original analog control system to the PLC and PC-based, digital-to-digital interface.

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Makassar, launch international port

. Thursday, January 21, 2010
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Makassar, the Government set the Port of Makassar as an open port for international port for the eastern Indonesia region. Looking ahead, all foreign shipping to eastern Indonesia will be through the Port of Makassar. This policy related to the downsizing plan that would open the port of the central government announced in the next few days. Together with Makassar Port, Port of Bitung in North Sulawesi are also designated as the international hub. The current number of open ports in Indonesia as many as 141 ports. The amount is considered too much. The government then will shrink the number of open ports only 25 ports. Included among the open port 25 to be announced are the four main ports, namely Port of Belawan in Medan, Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta, Port of Tanjung Perak in Surabaya, and Makassar Port.

Especially for eastern Indonesia, there are two major ports, namely Port of Makassar and the Port of Bitung. The frequency of foreign ships stopover in Makassar smaller than Bitung. But these two ports to be developed as an international hub. Makassar port has been designed as an international hub since 10 years ago. In 2004, the central government through the department of transportation set formally launches the design and development steps. In this design, the Port of Makassar will have more extensive than the area of 150 hectares of reclamation. Makassar Port Development is expected to take funds amounting to Rp 6 trillion. However, it is expected from private investment, not the state budget.

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Hospital ship sailed to Haiti

. Wednesday, January 20, 2010
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The earthquake that occurred in Haiti much attention from all over the State, not the least of dating is also the State to provide aid to earthquake victims. One of these is a superpower country like America, selected president, Barack Obama, activated the ship, which houses one of the largest trauma facilities in the U.S., because of its ability to provide a full spectrum of surgical and medical services. Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) set off from January 16 five-to seven-day transit to Haiti, where more than 800 military and civilian aid workers on board will provide assistance in response to an earthquake of magnitude 7, 0 hit the Caribbean nation January 12. According to the U.S. Navy Surgeon General, Adam G. Robinson, the Navy is able to ship, with a large deck, with men and women who we have and with the aircraft to do some things, number one, has the necessary logistical support to come and help (address) is a true disaster earthquake in Haiti; number two, that we have men and women who are trained and have skills that are ready go into danger the way to help others, which is what humanitarian assistance and disaster relief is all about.

American Red Cross reports indicate that 45,000 to 50,000 people were killed in the initial wave of destruction brought by the earthquake, but many more are injured or risk of disease, making Comfort a beacon of hope for millions of people. The ship was in reduced operating status with a skeleton crew of 18 civil service mariners and hospital support staff of 58 military personnel who care for the ships medical facility when the call came to deploy to Haiti. While the ship is designed to be activated, fully managed and ready to sail within five days, and launch personnel from Bethesda crewmembers, Portsmouth and San Diego medical center, as well as many other commands, complete all the preparations the spread in less than 96 hours.

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The Kakaban island, Great Kingdom of Jelly Fish

. Sunday, January 17, 2010
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It’s really amazing place in the world!! Perhaps, that an expression when you put your feet for the first time in Kakaban Island, Berau, East Kalimatan, Indonesia. Kakaban island, one of the groups nominated Derawan Islands as a World Heritage Area. Kakaban island shaped like the number "9". Circular section in the north are coral atolls or ring-shaped and has a lagoon. Kakaban serve as natural uniqueness can only be found on islands in the Republic of Palau in Micronesia area, southeastern Pacific Ocean. It took 45 minutes from Kakaban to Derawan by boat. This boat rents could triple over a fishing boat that only requires the cost of Rp 300,000 for the same distance.

For those of you who loved maritime tourism, which has a wide area of 774.2 hectares and has a diverse population of jellyfish in the world's most lots, the four unique species of jellyfish that do not sting. In the region there is a jellyfish (jelly fish) physically transparent glass plate mirik (Aurelia aurita) and several other types of tip size of the index finger (Tripedalia cystophora). Some species of jellyfish dominate, especially the size of a fist, like incandescent light bulbs brownish blue (Martigias papua). Remarkably again, this lake as there are only 2 in the world, namely in Palau, Micronesia and the islands in Indonesia.

For diving there are several points that are important to enjoy its beauty, ie places named Barracuda Point, Cabbage Patch, The Drift, The Plateau and Rainbow Run, The Wall, Blue Light Cave, Diver `s Delight and The North Face. Variations of the various types of dive sites is certainly a great thrill for the experienced diver to see the wonders of the world. You can imagine the diving sensation among the jellyfish.

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Derawan Island, Divers Paradise

. Saturday, January 16, 2010
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Welcome to the beautiful tropical islands in the area of Borneo, Derawan Island. An island with a colorful sea of blue and green shades are stunning, soft sand, palm trees line the coast, with a small forest in the middle of the island which is the habitat of various species of plants and animals and the natural beauty of the enchanting underwater . No wonder the island can be ranked as a top three place world-class diving destination and make this island a dream island for divers. Every month, at least 75 foreign tourists and local tourists hundred visiting Derawan Island. They claim love the charm of the island.

According to the tourists, the atmosphere of the sea Derawan island very different from other regions. Not to mention the beauty beneath the sea Derawan Island. No wonder, many international-class divers visiting the island for trying out the natural beauty of the underwater Derawan Island. There are also tourists who are interested in looking for turtle eggs because so many turtles on the island. Unfortunately, the manager admitted Derawan difficulty island developing this island because no local government support. As a result, many obstacles that can not be overcome. In the end, they expect the government to open regular shipping for the smooth flow of transport.

In Derawan Islands there are some coastal ecosystems and small island which is very important that coral reefs, sea grass and mangrove forest (mangroves). In addition many protected species in the Derawan Islands like the green turtle, hawksbill turtle, whales, dolphins, clam, coconut crab, mermaid, fish, barracuda and a few other species. There are many other dive sites in the Derawan area, including Barracuda Point, The Wall, and Blue Light in Kakaban Cave, Big Fish Country, Paradise Reef, and the Light House on the Island Maratua, and other islands of Derawan and Sangalaki. If you want to try it, you'll need at least two weeks! How? It’s too beautiful to be miss out.

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Berau, the world's tourist paradise

. Friday, January 15, 2010
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All in one package, that’s Berau, world’s tourist paradise. Berau regency, on the eastern side of Borneo island, is a unique group of islands, consisting of Derawan Island, Kakaban, Island and Island Sangalaki Maratua. This island chain lies east of Cape Redeb, the main city of Berau District, and can be reached by traveling about two hours along the Berau River. Berau area of 34,127.47 km2 with a population of 136,178 people (BPS, 2003). Administratively, Berau regency consists of 13 (Thirteen) district of Tanjung Redeb, Bayur Bay, Mount Tabur, Sambaliung, satiated, KELAY, Derawan Island, Maratua, Tubaan, Talisayan, and the Big Dipper, Big Dipper, White Rock and District Biatan.

Berau Tanjung Redeb its capital, is one area in East Kalimantan province which has the natural potential of coastal and high seas. Berau District has 31 small islands and marine areas with a wide variety of high natural resources. Mangrove forests found in the Delta and along the Berau, covering 49,488 hectares, is a coastal habitat is best on the island of Borneo.

Resources that can be found such as mangrove forests, coral reefs and sea grass is still quite good condition, and various marine biota economical, rare or protected. In the sea areas covering the district of Berau 1.2 million hectares, there are coral reefs are quite spacious, good condition with the level of high species diversity. Berau coral reef biodiversity is the second highest (507 species of hard corals) in Indonesia after the Raja Ampat and the third in the world

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Glass Tulip, a huge worm in Antarctica

. Saturday, January 9, 2010
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Perhaps, you think things that stood below the sea is a kind of plant or perhaps a rock, and some even thought it was a poppy tunicate, however, this is actually an animal. The tunicates, which resemble glass tulips, are early colonizers of Antarctic regions have been disturbed by icebergs that explore the ocean floor as they passed. The animals among many mysterious creatures collected from the icy waters by scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division.

The Australian experts taking part in an international program to take a census of marine life in the sea at the southern end of the world from specimens collected up to 2000 meters below the surface, and said many may never have seen before. Three ships - Aurora Australis from Australia, France and Japan Astrolab's L'Umitaka Maru - returned recently from two months in the region as part of the cooperation of East Antarctic Marine Census. The work is part of a larger project to map the biodiversity of the world's oceans. French and Japanese ships for specimens from the mid-and upper-level environment, while the Australian ship plumbed deeper waters with remote-controlled cameras.

Among the creatures that seem strange that scientists see tunicates, plankton-eating animals that resemble slender glass structures up to three feet tall standing in fields like poppies. This study is part of an international project to take a census of Antarctic marine life. The plankton-eating tunicates grow up to 3.2 meters (1 meter) long, and filter food by pumping through an internal mesh structure. According to the scientists, this shaft is supported by pressure created by pumping them.

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oscillating water column for Indonesia

. Thursday, January 7, 2010
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In the middle of the oil crisis of the world today, almost all countries rushed to seek an alternative energy source. No exception to the UK government have just operated a power station alternatives. Seagen, a station call this new power plant, using wave power as an energy producer. Located on the canal Strangford, Northern Ireland, Seagen using a pair of twin turbine that rotates when hit by a wave that could reach the speed of 8 knots. During this experiment, Seagen been able to produce enough energy for 150 homes. We'll have a fully operational, Seagen expected to produce 1.2 megawatts of power, enough to "feed" 1000 houses.

Indonesia is known as an archipelagic country like the United Kingdom, we never lacked of big waves should have used these alternative sources. Unfortunately, like other alternative energy sources, applying constraints to the wave power plants in developing countries (including Indonesia) is the cost. For one plant alone, the UK government should spend them for £ 10 million.

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New species of "Strawberry" crab found

. Wednesday, January 6, 2010
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Marine biology research team from the National Taiwan Ocean University Taiwan, led by marine biologists, Ho Ping Ho, on Tuesday 5 January 2010 discovered two new species; female crabs are bright red with a rash of white strawberries just as large. The two new species of crab found in the area offshore southern Taiwan as Ho's research team conducting research on the impact of ships that foundered on the environment and marine biota in June 2009 on the southern coast of Kenting National Park. This national park noted for its rich marine animals diverse.

After examining one by one set of data existing crab species throughout the world that reached some 10,000 species and consulted with experts from several countries, Ho then sure he and his team had discovered a new species which they named "strawberry crabs".

According to Ho, strawberry crab species looks somewhat similar to other crab species named Neoliomera pubescens and live in areas such as Hawaii, Polynesia, Mauritius and. Only, this strawberry crabs into different because of skin-shaped shell clams and has approximately 2.5 centimeters wide.

Via : AP/LUK

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River under the Sea

. Tuesday, January 5, 2010
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If you do love diving and do a diver, it is a good idea to visit the Cenote Angelita, Mexico. There is underwater river. Underwater rivers can be found in a cave if dive up to 30 meters depth, the water is freshwater, but if you dive to the depth of more than 60 meters, the water becomes salt water. In essence there is a "river" complete with trees and foliage. But, of course it was not unusual because the river is a river of hydrogen sulfide layer that looks like a river. Hydrogen sulfide, H2S, is a colorless gas, toxic, flammable, and smells like rotten eggs. These gases can arise from biological activity when bacteria break down organic material in a state without oxygen (anaerobic activity), such as in the swamp, the sea and sewage. Gas was also featured on the gas arising from volcanic activity and natural gas.

As in the picture, the sensation that we can we get the unique natural phenomenon where the sea looked like a river like a river that is on the ground. Perhaps, this unique phenomenon can be used with one of the seven wonders of the world.

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Prototype future floating cities

. Monday, January 4, 2010
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An Belgian Aristech,Vincent Callebaut, submit a new breakthrough in dealing with climate change and population density, the solution is called "Leaf Lily Flower". Leaf Lily Flower was described as a prototype capable of amphibious support themselves, with each leaf can accommodate 50.000 people. In the midst of this leaf is a lake that holds rainwater and clear. This floating city does not need roads and will float and "drifting" to the whole world due to the movement of ocean currents.

This leaves design may contain 3 marinas and includes 3 mountains reserved for business and entertainment. The city is unique, because it is an amphibious city: half in water and half in floating on the surface of the sea. The city is getting energy from solar, wind, and ocean currents, which will produce more energy than it consumed, so it will be city with “zero emissions” because, all the carbon and waste will be recycled.

In 2100 Vincent Callebaut, there will be 250 million people who fled from climate change, called "Climatic refugee", because sea water will destroy major cities like New York, Shanghai, and Mumbai. Callebaut believes that this product is a long-term solution to deal with rising sea water and not to reinforce the shoreline, because the solution is just the coastline of short-term solution. This design was inspired by leaves of Amazonia Victoria Regia has leaves bones very tight. Callebaut goal is to create "a harmonious relationship between man and nature."

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Underwater giant volcano

. Sunday, January 3, 2010
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Numbers of online sites, local and international blogs are having some exclaimed discussion about giant underwater volcano which found by joint team geologists Indonesia, the United States, and France in the waters southwest of Sumatra. Of course, they were amazed by their findings because of the giant volcano is usually located on land. No wonder, some members of the discussion feel worried about it, because it can cause real great Tsunami in the future. Indonesia as an archipelago nation located in the meeting of three major crustal plates, the Eurasian Plate, the Pacific, and Indo-Australia, along the Indonesian archipelago contains a series of volcanoes on land or beneath the sea surface.

From some research and marine surveys, the majority of a volcano that has been detected in the depths of tens to thousands of miles that can only dive with the aid of special technology. Among many volcanoes there are two mountains that are in fairly shallow waters. One was in Mahengetang Island, Sangihe, and North Sulawesi. Banua Wuhu, so local people call the mountain, located only 300 meters from the southwest side of the island Mahengetang. Point marked by a mountain crater bubbles out among the rocks at a depth of 8 meters. Water temperatures average 37-38 degrees Celsius. In a number of holes, out of hot water which seems capable of making their bare hands blistered when try to reach into it.

The topography of Wuhu Banua of hills and valleys of a large pile of rocks. Marine biota life is equally interesting, coral reef colonies and healthy meeting lay in the depth of 10 meters to 20 meters. According to the local issue, there is a tunnel under the sea through two-way street. Local communities celebrate the end of each Tulude January. Two weeks before the ritual, traditional elders would dive with a white plate of gold into the hall as an offering to Banua Wuhu may not heated.

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Coral Bleaching

. Saturday, January 2, 2010
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Coral bleaching is about whitening of living coral due to a disruption of the symbiosis (two organisms whose living together benefits both) with its zooxanthellae, tiny photosynthesizing algae. These unicellular creatures reside within the coral's tissues and provide the host organism with up to 90 percent of its energy. It's the solar-derived chemical products of these algae that give the world's coral species a rainbow of vivid colors. Unfortunately, ecologically valuable coral colonies around the globe are being threatened by an ocean-dwelling bacterium known as Vibrio coralliilyticus. When the microbe becomes virulent, it can infiltrate coral and dislodge the zooxanthellae, causing the coral to lose its pigmentation. If symbiosis is long enough disrupted, the coral will die from starvation.

The scientists have shown in laboratory experiments that the virulence of V. coralliilyticus is temperature dependent, causing bleaching at temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). These findings have raised concerns that increasing ocean temperatures, natural seasonal changes or climate change trends possibly will lead to increased risk of widespread coral bleaching. There had been reported about 30 percent of the world’s coral reefs been severely degraded by bleaching during the past two decades.

The scientists hope in the future metabolomic studies of V. coralliilyticus are planned to better understand the complete temperature-dependent mechanism involved in its pathogenicity and have better understandings about these environments of coral reefs.

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Indonesian tanker was hijacked by somalia pirates

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Still remember our edition about famous pirates somalia whose also very good at sea. Friday yesterday, exactly in Aden bay, somalia pirates hijacked an Indonesian chemical tanker with 24 crew. The piracy is also the first of piracy this year (2010). The crew of 17 hostages including an Indonesian, five citizens of China, a Nigerian citizen, and one Vietnamese.Indonesia's piracy makes the ship was at least 12 ships hijacked by about 270 sailors taken hostage.

On Monday, the pirates also hijack St James Park, a kingdom of Britain flagged tanker with 26 crew members from nine countries, while Yemeni authorities said on the same day that a cargo ship with 15 people Yemen crew also were hijack.

Since the end of the rainy season, three months ago that makes the pirate can make back their action, the pirates of Somalia moving targets Gulf of Aden towards the open sea until the Seychelle Indian Ocean and beyond.

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