New species of "Strawberry" crab found

. Wednesday, January 6, 2010
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Marine biology research team from the National Taiwan Ocean University Taiwan, led by marine biologists, Ho Ping Ho, on Tuesday 5 January 2010 discovered two new species; female crabs are bright red with a rash of white strawberries just as large. The two new species of crab found in the area offshore southern Taiwan as Ho's research team conducting research on the impact of ships that foundered on the environment and marine biota in June 2009 on the southern coast of Kenting National Park. This national park noted for its rich marine animals diverse.

After examining one by one set of data existing crab species throughout the world that reached some 10,000 species and consulted with experts from several countries, Ho then sure he and his team had discovered a new species which they named "strawberry crabs".

According to Ho, strawberry crab species looks somewhat similar to other crab species named Neoliomera pubescens and live in areas such as Hawaii, Polynesia, Mauritius and. Only, this strawberry crabs into different because of skin-shaped shell clams and has approximately 2.5 centimeters wide.

Via : AP/LUK