A new version of Ship Simulator Professional released by Maritime Simulator Developer VSTEP.

. Wednesday, January 27, 2010
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Allmarine is not always about ship, diving or marine tourism, today; we bring you latest information about maritime software which is perhaps thing that you wish for long time, Ship Simulator Professional. This new release includes updates to introduce functional forward and an important new component of the Instructor Station: the Practice Manager. This is the extended version of the Mission Editor, combined with the multiplayer server. Have the option to assign trainees to ship in practice, and managing training while one or more active participants. With practice managers, instructors can see all the trainees move, recording all ship movements, change the time & weather conditions, adding a new ship, add or remove a mooring line, all while exercise walking.

Advantages that you can get are you can record video from the Station Manager Training Instructor with the action on the Ship Simulator Professional site. Maritime Professionals can apply for a free evaluation copy of the website. It seems, Ship Simulator Professional such mandatory to try, especially for those of you who moved with similar field.

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Cerita Inspirasi said...

wew.. mantap nih.. ^^ sekarang makin canggih aja euy..

Anggi Zahriyan said...

wlweh 2x... jaman sekarang maju pesat.

attayaya said...

kucing kurus mandi di atap
ngapain kucing mandi di atap
mending mandi di pelabuhan
nyebur sambil mancing ikan

Anonymous said...

Nice post.. thanks.

sewa mobil murah said...

semakin canggih aza teknologi perkapalan zaman sekarang ini

boss said...

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boss said...

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