Pigmy, mini sea horse

. Monday, January 25, 2010
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Unexpectedly found at depths of more than fifteen feet to fifty feet, behind rimbunnya sea fans, there are other life forms that had not been seen in visible. He is Pigmy Seahorse. Milimiter sizes, almost hard to distinguish from the surrounding environment because of the nature of camouflage. Color is almost like twigs twig sea fans. It is said that this creature discovered by accident, when a number of researchers were brought to the mainland sea fans, finding a creature behind the twigs branch. Pigmy sea horse (hippocampus bargibanti) is an attraction that always performed the dive guide. Scattered areas of Papua Nuigini, Indonesia, Philippines to northern Australia. Sea horse is said because it is shaped like a sea horse, and very small so-called pigmy.

Almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Generally, the photographer also fought furiously photographed. So need help other divers or dive guide, to identify or provide assistance flashlight. In addition, the condition of ocean currents that made difficult to pigmy photographed. Pigmy Seahorse and sea fans are a symbiotic unity. Coral is home to a rich dibutukan food pigmy sea horses. Various kinds of colors and shapes can be found throughout the waters of Indonesia.

Via: dunialaut

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Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

mampir. maaf baru senpat

boss said...

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boss said...

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