Prototype future floating cities

. Monday, January 4, 2010
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An Belgian Aristech,Vincent Callebaut, submit a new breakthrough in dealing with climate change and population density, the solution is called "Leaf Lily Flower". Leaf Lily Flower was described as a prototype capable of amphibious support themselves, with each leaf can accommodate 50.000 people. In the midst of this leaf is a lake that holds rainwater and clear. This floating city does not need roads and will float and "drifting" to the whole world due to the movement of ocean currents.

This leaves design may contain 3 marinas and includes 3 mountains reserved for business and entertainment. The city is unique, because it is an amphibious city: half in water and half in floating on the surface of the sea. The city is getting energy from solar, wind, and ocean currents, which will produce more energy than it consumed, so it will be city with “zero emissions” because, all the carbon and waste will be recycled.

In 2100 Vincent Callebaut, there will be 250 million people who fled from climate change, called "Climatic refugee", because sea water will destroy major cities like New York, Shanghai, and Mumbai. Callebaut believes that this product is a long-term solution to deal with rising sea water and not to reinforce the shoreline, because the solution is just the coastline of short-term solution. This design was inspired by leaves of Amazonia Victoria Regia has leaves bones very tight. Callebaut goal is to create "a harmonious relationship between man and nature."

Via: simuzz

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