Sentani Lake Festival

. Monday, June 28, 2010
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A number of districts in Jayapura, showing different types of dances typical of the area before the closure of Papua Sentani Lake Festival, Wednesday, at the beach location Kalkhote East Sentani district. Hundreds of dancers from various neighborhoods and districts of a display alternately Jayapura Papua typical local dance. About a thousand of visitors who packed the arena FDS which took place on 19 to 23 June 2010, in the village Kalkhote, very enthusiastic to see the appearance of a variety of dances performed Papua typical youth driving from various neighborhoods and districts of Jayapura.

One of the typical regional dances Papua attractive appearances which is sympathetic visitors FDS Nambro district with Tifa dance begins with the discovery of musical drama about Tifa. When approximately 25 dancers demonstrate the movements Tifa dance, some people perpetuate the dancers with camera phones and digital cameras to be used as a private collection.

By the closing ceremony on Wednesday afternoon FDS 2010 16:00 PM CDT most food and beverage vendors as well as exhibition booth was flooded with visitors began to buy various household goods and various accessories typical of Papua, such as bags, carvings, traditional houses as well as a variety of traditional jewelry.


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A Marine Alliance of Architecture & Design

. Friday, June 25, 2010
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The aim at the heart of the Le Boreal and L'Austral designs was the concept of a cruising yacht. The completed ships are custom-built at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Ancona, Italy. Le Boreal was delivered to Compagnie du Ponant in April 2010. As the fourth ship of their cruise fleet, she can accommodate 260 passengers in 132 cabins which all have sea views and nearly all of which have private balconies.

Stirling Design International (SDI) is a French firm of naval designers and architects specialized in the design of megayachts and commercial vessels. Le Boreal has just been awarded a Gold Medal by the European Cruiser Association. She is fulfilling the standard of elegance, personality, innovative equipment and the meticulous attention to detail in the design of the ship to fulfill the expectations of her passengers.

Le Boreal Main Particulars:

Length, o.a. 466.2 ft
Length, b.p. 414 ft
Beam 59 ft
Draught 15.4 ft
Passenger cabins 132
Total Passengers 264
Crew cabins 75
Total crew 139

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