Ethnically Sentani Lake

. Thursday, July 8, 2010
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The potential of natural and cultural riches of Papua has its own unique, second to none in this world. No need to wonder if every person on Earth Cendrwasih menginjakan this leg, would be admired and praised how the natural beauty of West Papua. Therefore, Lake Sentani made feasible in the center of tourism in Papua. Sentani funds deserve to be as a tourist center in the world, there is also monument Sentani Gen. Douglas Mc Arthur’s World War II relic. In the north monument Mc Arthur, at an altitude of 325 meters there are mountainous terrains with peaks of Mount Dofonsoro Cyclop. This area is very beautiful and this place is erst Mc Arthur's base defense.

Lake Sentani in Papua is located between latitude and 20:33 till 2041 till 1400 38 1400.23 BT. Are 70-90 m above sea level. Cyclops is located also between the mountains and Is a volcanic lake. Source water comes from 14 large and small rivers with a single estuary, Jaifuri Puay. Western region, long and Boroway doyo, the depth of the lake is very steep. While the eastern and central, sloping and shallow, and Simporo Puay. Here also there are forests and swamps in the area Simporo Yoka. In some notes mentioned, the basis of waters containing sandy mud substrate (humus). In the waters are shallow, overgrown plants pandanus and sago.

The extent of approximately 9360 hectares with an average depth of 24.5 meters. Around this lake there are 24 villages. Spread coast and small islands in the center of the lake. Lake Sentani is the largest lake in the province of Jaya Pura. This historic location offers incredible Scenery. There still exists some Herons and Eagles are going to grab a fish in Lake Sentani. There also provided a boat around the lake.

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Sentani Lake Festival

. Monday, June 28, 2010
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A number of districts in Jayapura, showing different types of dances typical of the area before the closure of Papua Sentani Lake Festival, Wednesday, at the beach location Kalkhote East Sentani district. Hundreds of dancers from various neighborhoods and districts of a display alternately Jayapura Papua typical local dance. About a thousand of visitors who packed the arena FDS which took place on 19 to 23 June 2010, in the village Kalkhote, very enthusiastic to see the appearance of a variety of dances performed Papua typical youth driving from various neighborhoods and districts of Jayapura.

One of the typical regional dances Papua attractive appearances which is sympathetic visitors FDS Nambro district with Tifa dance begins with the discovery of musical drama about Tifa. When approximately 25 dancers demonstrate the movements Tifa dance, some people perpetuate the dancers with camera phones and digital cameras to be used as a private collection.

By the closing ceremony on Wednesday afternoon FDS 2010 16:00 PM CDT most food and beverage vendors as well as exhibition booth was flooded with visitors began to buy various household goods and various accessories typical of Papua, such as bags, carvings, traditional houses as well as a variety of traditional jewelry.


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