Going green today, talk less do more

. Monday, September 28, 2009
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Green has been a hot issue today and many campaigns to make it as our daily activities and called as green acts. But many people just talking and do not act to realize it. Just think have you ever done a green thing today? For example, have you re-use your paper in both sides to write about your journal today? Or, have you make a decision to plant a tree in your farm today? A tree everyday can safe this planet and safe your children in the future.

Many things can be done to safe this planet, for example if you have a company, you can make your company going green. I have seen the example that there are Top Five Going Green Companies that can be a model for your company to go green today. One an example to make your company going green is always use a recycled paper for your printer or copier at the office or use a paper at both sides. As known that paper today still made from pulp and from wood. Today’s forest existence is going distinct and I have some pictures to prove it. Many plantation companies in my town in Indonesia still cut the forest to take an advantage for their company.

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