Deep Sea Teems with Cross-eyed Sea Creatures

. Tuesday, November 24, 2009
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Interesting science news brought by entitled “Thousand of Weird Sea Creatures Found” had made me so eager to share this news with you. These creatures live in a frigid black deep sea about 200 meters from surface, where never been penetrated by sunlight. Around 17.650 stunning species are now known to thrive in deep down sea, starting from worms, crabs, and weird jellyfishes.

A Census of Marine Life Project held the decade-long, involving thousand scientists from each part of the world have been discovered some diverse startling species. Here are some mystery creatures.

Jumbo Dumbo: A rare primitive finned octopod is very large specimen, was estimated 2 meters long and 13 lbs. it has flap a pair of large ear, when it swims give the impression of being like fins. Dumbo, its nickname, was discovered at roughly 1000 to 3000 meters.

Oil Worm: A deep-sea worm found at depth 990 meters, was called as Oil Worm because its dine chemicals from decomposing oil. This creature can be finding around crude oil.

See-Through Cucumber
: An Enypniates, also known as transparent sea cucumber, was seen creeping with its tentacles at about 2 cm per minute while sweeping detritus-rich sediment into its mouth. It found in the Northern Gulf of Mexico at roughly 2,750 meters deep.

Yeti-Crab: Sea creatures also has Yeti, at least this is the scientist called her name of her furry claws. Discovered in 2005 at South of Easter Island in the South Pacific at depth of roughly 2,200 meters.

Whale Bone Eater: A kind of worm which consuming whalebone. This worm called Osedax. You can found it at a depth roughly 500 meters.

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