Coral reef for green earth

. Tuesday, May 5, 2009
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As a climate change happened today, this earth is going to warmer day by day. More rainforest is cut down for a commercial issue in a legal either in illegal way. For example in Indonesia nowadays, the forest cutting reaches the percentage of 40 % with the rate between one million acres of Indonesia forest is cut down every day. In that condition, what will we give to our children tomorrow? A warmer earth or barren earth? That is only a matter of land, what about in deep sea?

Same problem with our rainforest as a lung of earth, our sea is in danger today. Most of fisherman from third countries still uses an illegal way to fishing. It is like a trawl, fish bombing, poison, or other ways that maybe still unknown today due to the crime is always smarter than the rule. We just talk abaout the fish catching and what about the coral reef? Coral reef is wellknown as the best CO2 absorber in this earth. So what will happen if our coral reef is broken because of the illegal way of fishing done by the fishermen?

Indonesia is also known as a maritime country where 70 percents is the sea and many coral reef spot spread in to all Indonesia islands like Derawan coral reef in East Kalimanatan as the most popular coral reef spot in the world. Not only Derawan because 40 percents from 70 percents Indonesia sea is coral reefs spot. That is why Indonesia is an important country that must save its coral reefs for a green earth in the future. Do you want a proof the damaged coral reef that happened today? And what we can do to save our civilization for tomorrow? Start now on for a better tomorrow.

(Damaged coral reefs map in Indonesia)

Pictures: Google image search (from any sources)

3 komentar:

faizz said...

padaha kita salah satu negara yang punya jajaran terumbu karang terbaik di dunia yah, sayang dah pada hancur.

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

bagus banget ya....tapi aku gak berani nyelem di laut.

votre angle said...

not only the third country fishers are using an illegal way to catch the fish, develop countries also have contributed to the destruction Indonesian' sea, they hire our people to damage our marine natural resources. what a bad peeps are they!

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